Company profile

The FIRST WELDING Inc is a research and development – manufacturing a certification consulting company acting in the field of modern technologies of welding, cutting and heat treatment of materials.
The company is a holder of Quality Certificate in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2015.
Its scope of business activities includes the following fields:

Field of welding technologies and automation:

  • research and development in the field of HIGH-TECH technologies and  high-productive welding processes,
  • research and deliveries of electron beam welding equipment, plasma cutting centres, robotic welding complexes, single-purpose welding equipment, vibrators for reduction of residual stresses,
  • providing services in the field of electron beam welding, laser processing of materials, classical arc welding technologies, plasma cutting, brazing/soldering, vibrational treatment.

Field of certification activities:

Field of material diagnostics and strength research:

Field of education in welding:

Field of publication activities: